Huawei P30

Polly Tootal photographs the campaign for the new Huawei P30 phone. The images were taken on the handset to showcase the phones capabilities in low light and at wide angle.

The Journey's End

Photographed in Abruzzo Italy this past summer. ‘The Journey’s End’ depicts migrants who have made the long and dangerous migration from Africa to Europe in their new environment.


Polly's most recent personal project takes her to the UAE, focusing on subjects away from the landscaped gardens and skyscrapers of Abu Dhabi.


Polly Tootal travels to Valencia to document the stunning Espai Verd for Monocle Magazine.
The brutalist apartment block was built in the 80's casting a spiritual spell on its devoted residents, including its architect Antonio Cortes Ferrando, who still lives on the 10th floor.

Air Norwegian

In celebration of Norwegian's new Argentinian route, Polly Tootal travelled the length of the country by car, documenting the places that shaped Argentina's most famous son Che Guevara, along the way..


Waves of Haitians crossed into Canada from the United States last year, prompted by a decision from President Trump to terminate temporary protected status that has allowed some 60,000 people to live and work in the U.S since the 2010 earthquake.

In Polly’s most recent project, she documents the Haitian community living in limbo, awaiting a decision from Trudeau’s government as to whether they’ll be deported or can stay and contribute as permanent Canadian citizens. 


Following Polly’s projects through Canada, she passed over to Niagara Falls, USA. Noticing the stark difference between manicured Canadian Niagara, she documented the landscape and people of its fractured US counterpart.

Madame Figaro - Athens

Polly Tootal's recently travelled to Athens, Greece to document the people and spaces shaping their growing art scene.

South Africa

Polly Tootal's most recent series of images, photographed on a 3 week trip to South Africa. 


Polly Tootal recently traveled to Beirut to work on a personal project exploring the incredible Lebanese capital.

Unseen Amsterdam

Polly Tootal is exhibiting some of her images from 'Somewhere In England' at this years Unseen photo fair in Amsterdam, as part of South Kiosk Gallery's show.

New Personal Work

New personal work from photographer Polly Tootal, shot on location in Greece.

AIR FRANCE | Singapore

Air France Magazine

Polly travelled solo to Singapore to shoot this amazing story for Air France Magazine. Commissioned to capture the essence of Singapore's city, people and atmosphere .