Alpaca Animations started out in 2014 as a collaboration between animator Martine Rademakers (1983, Trieste, Italy) and filmmaker David Lamain. They have since grown to become a small group of young and ambitious sound designers and animated film makers based in the Netherlands. Alpaca Animations specialise in hand drawn, handmade, stop motion techniques. Their work is tactile, colourful, quirky and humourous, but behind their lo–fi and retro approach is a rich series of references taken from art history, literature, and music. Their work has been featured on Nowness, Grafik, The Awl, and Huh magazine, as well as screened at numerous international film festivals; the Monstra Lisbon Animated Film Festival (2016), Milano Film Festival (2015), The Smalls Film Festival (2015), Fest Anča (2014). It has also screened on TV channels throughout the US; The In–Store Sports Network, Rockside Tv, California Music Channel, You Too America, Club Com, and ScreenPlay. Additionally, Alpaca Animations has achieved recognition in the industry, with their music videos for Moons by band 330, and Kasper Bjørke’s song TNR (feat. Jaakko Eino Kalevi) winning VOTD awards.

Vario Volinski (ft. Erik Hassle)
Simion (ft. Roland Clarke)
Jackson (ft. James Yuill)
Meridian Brothers

Those Foreign Kids
Kasper Bjørke (ft. Jaakko Eino Kalevi)
The Limiňanas
The Miseries (Tim Knol)
Sexton Creeps
Harm's Fork